Age: 7 yrs

Notification about the Timing of the UNCCD Second Scientific Conference

We very much regret to inform you, Dear Scientists, Speakers, Experts, and Practitioners,  that the timing for the 2nd UNCCD Scientific Conference could not be held between the 4 and 7 February 2013.  

Following the specific requirements of the Brazilian internal consultation and clearance process, and taking into account the current summer recess of the National Congress, the Brazilian authorities have informed the UNCCD Secretariat on 21 December 2012 that the Third Special Session of the Committee of Science and Technology (CST-S3) and its 2nd UNCCD Scientific Conference, could not be held during the month of February 2013.

The Brazilian authorities have further notified the UNCCD Secretariat that Brazil will propose new possible dates for the Conference. The UNCCD Secretariat continues its consultations with the Brazilian authorities in order to secure suitable dates as soon as possible.  

Despite this particular situation, we hope that you will be still able to participate and to present your papers and posters. It is through your contributions and participation that the 2nd UNCCD Scientific Conference will be a success. As soon as known, the new dates will be communicated, and ensuing notifications and invitations letters will be dispatched.