Lead Institution Global Risk Forum GRF Davos

During its meeting on 21 February 2011 the CST Bureau selected the Global Risk Forum GRF Davos to be the lead institution to organize the UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference under the guidance of the CST Bureau. In October 2011 a Memorandum of Understanding between GRF Davos and the Secretariat was signed.

The Global Risk Forum GRF Davos is an international organization based in Davos, Switzerland. Through its many different activities, it aims to bridge the gaps between science, public administration, the private sector and the general public regarding integrated risk management and adaptation to climate change. GRF Davos promotes improved understanding, analysis, assessment and management of disasters and risks that affect human safety, security, health, the environment, critical infrastructures, the economy and society at large. GRF Davos is composed of an international team of researchers and practitioners who work in a wide variety of fields, including geography, engineering, sociology, economics and natural hazards. The interdisciplinary team at GRF Davos has ample experience and expertise in the assessment, analysis, modelling, management and reduction of risks, with a special worldwide focus on environmental problems.

GRF Davos addresses global issues on risk reduction, disaster management and global changes through three focal activities that complement each other.

 The three pillars of the GRF Davos

For more information on GRF Davos please visit http://www.grforum.org/

For more information about 2nd Scientific Conference process please visit the UNCCD website.