Affiliates to the UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference

In their role as affiliates the following institutions and organizations have confirmed their endorsement and support for the UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference:

Africa Desertification Control Initiative, Nigeria







Argentine Institute for Research on Arid Lands, Mendoza, Argentina







AgriCultures Network, Netherlands






AgroParisTech, Paris, France


CAB International, Wallingford, United Kingdom




Ceará Meteorological Foundation, Brazil






Center for Arid Lands Research of the Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile







Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), Berne, Switzerland







The Economics of Land Degradation, Bonn, Germany





Environmental Monitoring and Sustainable Development Center (EMD Center), Democratic Republic of Congo




Environmental Monitoring Group, Cape Town, South Africa



Oxford University Centre for the Environment, Oxford, United Kingdom                







Tbilisi State University, Georgia







United Nations Development Programme










  University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina







World Tourism Organization, Madrid, Spain