Давность: 7 yrs

Notification about the date and venue of the UNCCD subsidiary bodies sessions: CST-S3/Second Scientific Conference and CRIC11

Following consultations held with the COP10 Bureau with respect to the date and venue of the third Special Session of the Committee of Science and Technology (CST S3), the second International Scientific Conference and the eleventh session of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC11), the Executive Secretary informed that at this late stage of the process, no further viable option were left but to hold these events in a back to back format during the month of April.

The latest communication received from the Embassy of Brazil in Germany on 31 January 2013 informed that it will not be possible for the government of Brazil to reschedule the above-mentioned events to any date until the end of April 2013, reason for which the Brazilian government sees no other option but to withdraw its offer to hold the above mentioned meetings. The Brazilian authorities further underlined that the government of Brazil would carefully examine any further offer, should the secretariat reconsider the suggested dates and propose new dates from May 2013. 

In view of the severe time constraints faced, and based on the COP Bureau’s authorization to reschedule the UNCCD events under the above revised format in Bonn (Headquarters of the Secretariat) in April 2013, unless an offer is received from a party to host the events at the proposed dates and cover the related costs, the secretariat hereby informs that all necessary steps are being taken to organize these events in Bonn, as follows:

CST S3 and the Second Scientific Conference: 09-12 April 2013

CRIC11: 15-19 April 2013.

Arrangements are also being made to facilitate the organization on 12-13 April of regional meetings preparatory to CRIC 11.

Parties and Stakeholders will soon receive official notifications through the appropriate channels.